The Big Reveal – part 1

Okay- no baby yet… but 11 days until the due date. (though, i swear i will go over… start placing your bets now, folks!)

and i apologize to my Reader, for keeping you on pins and needles, i am sure, awaiting the Big Reveal of how the nursery turned out.

it all started here with my panic regarding “To Bumper or Not To Bumper… that is the question”

well, i decided against the bumper, as explained here.

and then it was a matter of putting the big pieces in the room, as shown here, and then, in an oh-so-out-of-order fashion… i painted the room… no real pics to show, sorry.

and then the nursery sat for awhile. it became sort of a staging room for the other nesting projects that were going on in the house– such as the bathroom fix-up, as detailed here. (Oh, that AJ, he’s been nesting just about as much as me… it’s just that his projects seem to be bigger and dustier… but more on that, to come in a different post!)

and then, last week i was up before the birds, deciding to finally finish this puppy off, as posted here.

well, today, i am finally back with some photos to share… what’s that i hear? a “Hip Hip Horray”? Why, thank you very much!

I’ll start with the tiny bathroom that has since had a make-over. this is directly across the tiny hallway from the nursery
(okay, what you see here is mostly a new paint color on the walls.)

notice the fixed wall and though you can’t see it- the pocket door WORKS!!! Yippee Skippy!
(you can also spy the nursery in the background…)

this is a shot from the door way of the nursery… that nook is just the perfect fit for the crib!
and you can kind of see the bed skirt i created with the Amy Butler fabrics and the easy-peasy tutorial from Young House Love.

our changing and seating area… cozy.

taken from behind the rocker – here is the closet with the covering i made (thankyouverymuch) and the built-in dresser with the new hardware, thanks to AJ and his drill skillz.
(notice who snuck (sneaked?) into the pic!)

and there’s the pups, loving the new space. i sometimes catch them sniffing around in there. boy-oh-boy do they have a bunch of new smells soon heading our way!

and, a final picture of the crib area.

sweet dreams, little Bumpit!


8 thoughts on “The Big Reveal – part 1

  1. So nice, Mommy Becker 🙂 I’m sure baby will feel so loved in this cozy bedroom… wow, so much has changed since I saw it all last… great work!

  2. Both rooms look fantastic! Great job. Hey – have you started getting the pups used to baby sounds? Might not be a bad idea. 🙂

  3. OHHHHH KATIE!! Me Gusta Mucho:)I LOVE love LOVE the nook! And the montage of pics is great:) I love frames…like I mean I REAALLLY love frames so that is super duper cool:)

    Now cmon babies!

  4. LOVE IT!!! It is adorable!!! I’m on pins and needles waiting for baby Becker to arrive now! :0)

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