Funny Things Heard While Pregnant #11

I am learning that sometimes people just don’t know what to say, or can’t help themselves from saying what they want to say… Thus continues a compendium of the funny/odd/weird/tasteless/forthright things people have said to me whilst in “the family way”.

Number 11:
File this under something I actually said.

I previously mentioned here that i broke the news to the co-workers during our Thanksgiving pot-luck way back in November.

i may have mentioned that i work with a bunch of IT dudes and a few ladies… but mostly dudes. I joke that i am the first salaried chick to be pregnant here… and honestly, i don’t think that’s much of a stretch. before the big announcement, i was worried how it would be taken, but was pleasantly surprised at the outpouring of excitement and general wonder that has ensued over the past few months.

before i told the whole gang, i knew i should find a way to break the news to my boss… luckily, he gave me the opportunity.

Before the the pot-luck, we were discussing the virtues of bacon, and how he had cooked up three different kinds of bacon for this event.

he said, “I brought hickory smoked bacon, turkey bacon and bacon impregnated with maple syrup.”

from there, i found my opening, and said, “Funny you should say impregnated, because i am.”

and, i appreciate his candor and sense of humor. he took my comment perfectly and offered extreme congratulations. and then, he further assisted by helping me tell the rest of the office by watching me load up my plate at the pot-luck and saying, “go, girl, you’re eating for two now.”

i love my job.


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