the scene:
you wake up at 4am (nature calls… for the 4th time, seriously) and then you can’t fall back asleep… so your mind starts racing with all the things you need to get done in the not so distant future.

then you start to realize that if you don’t write this down, you’ll probably forget most of it.

and then you are so wide awake that it simply makes sense to get up and start doing some of the things whirling around in your head and effectively check them off the list (mental or physical).

so that was me. today. 4am.

up, and nesting a wee bit further.

the pups were happy to be released from the kennels, but confused as to why it was still dark, and they were still tired. THOR immediately went in to snuggle with AJ… Lucy stuck by my side and tried to squeeze into my lap (what’s left of it) during the times while i was sitting on the floor.

at this point, i think i am 98% packed and ready for the hospital (though i’ll probably think of more and more things to add… like, T-shirts, yes, i need one or two of those still) and the nursery is just about ready for me to take pictures to post for the next blog entry!

yes, i shall leave you there with rapt anticipation for finished nursery photos! ooh, i am such a tease!