hairy, scary heartburn

if the old wives’ tale is correct, and having heartburn during pregnancy means your kid will have a head full of hair…

well then, this kid better come out with a ponytail or a mohawk!

i am humbled to say that i have not suffered to the depths of some friends that have had to rely on prescription meds to calm the burn… but honestly – if you ever need a Tums, you know where to find it!

(at least it’s supposedly healthy)


4 thoughts on “hairy, scary heartburn

  1. I owned stock in Tums Smoothies Tropical Fruit Blend. They were the best. I took about 14 or so a day on top of 4 Zantac Maximum strength. My kids all had hair but not as much as one would have thought with all the suffering. Hope your little one has lots on top!

  2. Tums Smoothies were totally my BFF when Brecken was baking. The most amazing part? The heartburn disappears instantly when the baby is born! And he had a full head of hair, much to our surprise – Joey and I were both bald babies! 🙂 I totally think heartburn = hair! 🙂

  3. Good times, eh?! I used Tums and my prescription stuff. Austin had hair but not as much as I was thinking. And then he lost it on top – looked like my dad – hair only on the sides. Now it’s growing back but he has a bald spot on the back from sleeping despite what position I put him in. Kris was making fun of him the other night calling him Mullet Man because despite the blad spot he has long hair in the back. Yes, that’s right – short up top, bald mid way down and long in the back. It’s an awesome look that only a mom could love. My mom had threatened to cut said Mullet! I say NOOOOOO!

  4. hmm yes also had to rely on the tums morning, noon and (middle of the) night… but had (still have) a very bald baby. so…. just like we all have to wait to find out what you’re growing there, we’ll all have to be surprised at his/her hairy/bald head too! not too much longer- yay!

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