the hidden perils of “Nesting”

no one mentioned that in the midst of nesting (and boy am i in said midst)… i might run across actual nests.

okay, not so much a nest, did i find… because i stopped digging once i found RODENT DROPPINGS.




if you know me at all… or have read this post you know that a fan of mice, am not i. (Mickey & Minnie?– well, we’ll chat about that later)

even in searching for that post to link, i couldn’t finish reading it. gives me the heebee jeebees.

and there was the evidence. in the corner of our little attic, that i was assured was rodent-proof… especially after the flying rodent expedition of 2007.

Prior to common belief, The Becker’s have been Infiltrated, folks!

so i left for work today- leaving AJ in charge of taking care of the problem… with the shop-vac… NOT my Dyson! i hope that he also finds a way to remedy the problem from exacerbating itself… or i might just have to move out.

especially since the attic is adjacent to the nursery and INSIDE our room….

want to see an unhappy Mama? look no further.


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