Love me some Miranda Lambert

last night, the BFF and I drove up to Council Bluffs, IA for the Miranda Lambert Concert.

this was our third time to see her. it was awesome!!!

She’s fiesty and fun, and reminds me a bit of myself… but more awesome, of course!

The Bumpit even had a good time… but of course, he/she should know all the songs by heart by now, since i sing them at the top of my lungs when we are riding the in car.

i have finally decided on what i want for my 30th birthday (only 8 days away, mind you) i want to head a Miranda Lambert Cover Band… and we can play all the songs from her 3 CD’s… nothing else. that’s attainable, right?

pictorial evidence of the fun:
Okay, this was taken in July, 2006 at the Adams County Fair in Hastings, NE. If you look real close, over my shoulder, you might be able to see Miranda on stage. (Fun Fact: This just so happened to be the same night that AJ asked for my parent’s blessing to propose! sneaky!)

it’s not as hard to find her in this pic, huh? NE State Fair, 2008 – Flippin’ Awesome!

Last Night!



a fun way to Celebrate Meghan’s 30th Birthday!!!

poor quality, for that i apologize, but i love this song!


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