Brought to you by VINEGAR

do you even understand the value of a bottle of white vinegar?

okay, so last week i was reading this post, and got my inspiration from #6 (okay, i am also totally ripping off their baby book idea, too… details… and hopefully, more on that to come)

so i tried the vinegar trick. in went all the washables for the bebe… and out they came, sparkling and smelling of nothing — which, i understand, means they are officially clean.

then, i went to the cupboard o’ cleaning supplies (which i rarely open, mind you!) and grabbed the bottle formerly known as Windex and now written in Sharpie “Vinegar and Water” and started ransacking the house.

why the sudden clean freakiness, from The Girl that hates cleaning? I wish i could chalk it all up to my own nesting efforts, but… you see, when your husband has a day to himself inside a tiny house– he can sometimes decide to take on a project that turns out to be bigger than anticipated (especially when said hubs is NESTING LIKE WHOA!)

last friday afternoon i received a text message asking if i ever wanted to paint the upstairs bathroom, and then i received this photo on my phone:
Sprint PictureMail

that pocket door hasn’t worked for years… but NOW he decides to tear out the wall and fix it… i knew that my weekend was now designated to painting.

here are the in-between shots– all primed.
Sprint PictureMail
(notice my sweet Lucy!)
Sprint PictureMail
(such a tiny little bano!)

i still haven’t taken the final pics… i will do that though… plus nursery pics too… i promise…

it’s just that once you start a project like this, then you have to paint other items that start to look shabby.

then you decide to clean your carpets, which, essentially makes MORE of a mess b/c you are moving furniture and uprooting your daily routine while the fibers dry fully.

all the while, i have been keeping my bottle formerly known as Windex with me and have been spraying Vinegar+Water on just about every surface. i must say – it’s quite the miracle product.

AJ did mention, at one point, that the house was starting to smell like easter eggs… but it dissipated quickly… and now the house really doesn’t smell like anything… just the way it’s supposed to, i guess.

and on a final vinegary note, i stumbled upon this tangy goodness:

now friends- i ask:

Dill Pickles AND Potato Chips! SCORE!!!

who knew vinegar could be the miracle product?

now, i am off to fully dive into this post, and learn even more!


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