Italy, a retrospective

well, i am just about at the one-year anniversary of when i whisked myself off to Florence, Italy to visit my cousin in her last days of her semester abroad at the TCU Florence Center

and i just realized, i don’t think i blogged about it.
how remiss of me!

i do recall writing a fun post in my hotel room in Rome… but then i got home (after 24-hours of travel!) and got back into the swing of things, and before you know it… the post was long-overdue. so, why not take time today to provide some fun photos and reminisce, one year later?

i say, Brilliant!

this was taken right as i got to Florence (the first 24-hours of travel). My cousin had already moved out of her flat, so she rented us this cute flat a few blocks away. at this point, she was Skyping with her parents and was giving them a tour of the place.

right near where we stayed, there were artists that recreated works of art with sidewalk chalk. it would take a day or two to complete each one, and there were typically three reproductions at a time. then they would wash them away and start over.

me and cousin, Steph, in front of the Duomo (i think)

That Girl… trying to repress the jet lag, and accepting the frizzy hair due to lack of flat iron.

Lemoncello, of course.

KT & Steph, waiting at the bus station for cousin Lala to join us… poor thing was stuck in Frankfurt for a bit.

Shopping while waiting for Lala – this photo was taking for AJ, of course! vroom, vroom

shopping in the open market. This gentleman was embroidering my mother-in-law’s name on an apron for her birthday gift. he asked me to write down her name so he could get it correct. I wrote, “KAYE” and he said, “Oh, Kah-yay”… close enough.

Frolicking in the Medici Gardens… NERD ALERT

Steph and Lala chilling at the top of the Medici Gardens – enjoying the view. we were picking out our future homes.
House Hunters, anyone?

cousins! (i think at this point, i am saying through my teeth, Lala, if you drop my camera, so help me…!”)

continued silliness.

later that night we walked up all those steps to the Michelangelo Monument (we did this every night!) and shared a bottle of wine and watched the sun set… good times!

then off to the carousel in one of the squares! love these girls!

our grandfather is Italian, and both if his parents emigrated from the Abruzzo region of Italy to America in the early 1900’s. Our original goal was to spend a day in that region, but there was a recent Earthquake causing travel to that region to be less than desirable.
However, Steph mentioned that there was a “Remigio Street” in Florence, so off we went, camera in hand.
Once there, we found at the end of the street the Saint Remigio Chapel!

at the end of day three, i said Ciao to my cousins, and headed back to Rome, where i would spend my last night, and then catch my plane home the next day. I grabbed a free tourist map from the hotel lobby and tried to gather any sort of memory of my time in Rome back in the Spring of 2001, while i was studying abroad. My main goal was to find the Trevi Fountain (my most favorite place)…


it was such a quick trip, but oh-so-fun, and i am so glad i had the opportunity to do it!

now, one year later, life has changed quite a bit, you just might say… one adventure after another!

Let the fun times continue!


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