I am learning that sometimes people just don’t know what to say, or can’t help themselves from saying what they want to say… Thus continues a compendium of the funny/odd/weird/tasteless/forthright things people have said to me whilst in “the family way”.

Number 8:
My Sweet Niece just turned 4. she is trying to understand why all the grown-ups keep talking about this baby that she has still seen no proof of arrival. The concept of time is a touchy thing for kids, and Sweet Niece is quite bright – so i am sure she “Gets” it… just doesn’t understand all the waiting….

Her mom, however, my FAB Sister-In-Law, has been jumping for joy since the moment of our announcement back in October. She keeps exclaiming how excited she is to be an Aunt. Finally, an Aunt! I am pumped for her- she’s the best!!!

Apparently though, Sweet Niece decided it was all too much, one day, and asked her mom to sit down for a chat.

She said, “Mom, I’m not so sure I want KT to have a baby.”

SIL said, “Well, why not? it’s going to be pretty fun, and you will have a cousin!”

Sweet Niece then said, “Yeah, but when she has the baby, and you become an Aunt, you won’t by my Mommy anymore, and I don’t want you to stop being my Mommy!”

SIL then calmly informed her that would never happen, and being an Aunt is an added bonus…

how sweet is that?