Yes, dear reader, I have registered for a Moby Wrap, as well as a Baby Bjorn

I figure – i am pretty used to carrying this kid with me everywhere now, what should change after birth? plus, i also joke to AJ that i have carried it the first nine months– for the next nine, it’s his turn – so a good carrier is something he will surely need.

I have heard lots of good things about the Moby Wrap… and seriously do think it will be something that AJ might like to use as well.

Last night, while we were hanging out at BabyWorks before our last MilkWorks class, i pointed out the Moby to AJ.

Then i walked across the store to talk to my friend, Megan, and next thing i know, i look over, and our husbands have figured out how to wrap up the Moby and AJ’s walking comfortably around the store.

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HA! Cracks me up!

looks like this will be a Must Have from the registry!!!