when i started this blog in November 2008 i really had no idea what i planned to put up here, except for the general crazniess that surrounds my life.

over time, it evolved into a Dog Blog.

And then, recently, i am sure you have noticed that my focus has shifted a bit.

well, i feel it’s time to bring it back to Center, and provide some Doggy Insight of recent note.

Meet Lucy Jane (this is what i call her when she is Naughty!):
Sprint PictureMail
she’s my sweet baby girl. and i have already mentioned that i think she’s part cat.

the above photo was taken (poorly) with my camera phone, after we witnessed the Evidence of a crime scene (below):
Sprint PictureMail
Yes, Ladies & Gentlemen, this was once the beloved stuffed lion toy that both dogs kindly shared since they opened it on Christmas.

This was actually given to THOR from Grandma & Grandpa Becker – and he really loved it. i think he most liked that it had his same coloring.

Lucy, of course, demolished her dalmatian stuffed toy upon receipt. THOR was kind enough to let Lu play with the Lion… occasionally. That sneaky chica, she must have nabbed the toy while THOR wasn’t looking (maybe she sprung while he was busy watching for the Mail Lady?) and served it’s justice.

Surprisingly this toy did last a good 4.5 months- which is frankly a record in the Becker Household.

But yesterday, it must have just been the Lion’s day to meet his demise, according to Lucy Cakes.

I received a text from AJ saying “It’s time to schedule a burial for the lion!”

Oh, Lucy!