whew– as first time parents, we are definitely in the swing of taking any class and reading any book (okay, that’s just me) that might help me decipher all the upcoming unknowns of child birth and child rearing.

yes, yes, i keep reminding myself that women have been giving birth for millions of years, and every day, plenty embark on motherhood without the help of “What To Expect When You’re Crazy” (as i have grown to fondly refer to it).

and honestly, if there is a show called, “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” (and there is, because i have watched it once or twice) (and don’t even get me started on that one… there is plenty going on around here for me to know that something is going on… you can’t tell me that these women didn’t even have an inkling that they were “with child?”…. okay, i am getting started, and i told you not to let me do that!) then being prepared is not necessarily the most important part of this journey.

anyway– smack dab in the middle of this 3rd trimester, we have spent many-a-tuesday evening in one class or another.

first it was the three-week prenatal and parenting readiness class at the hospital. (Detailed here, previously).

and then this week, AJ was oh-so-sweet to join me at MilkWorks for the first of two Breast Feeding Preparedness classes. (of course, there was the promise of stopping for ice cream after class)

he’s quite the trooper, and i so appreciate it!

imagine, for example, telling a five-year-old budding engineer that their beloved Lego’s are, in fact, not a toy, but a very necessary building block for all structural form. One might wonder if that child would ever be able to look at Lego’s the same way again.

That’s kind of the feeling i was getting from AJ at the end of that class…

time will tell… one more class there, and then the following Tuesday is Infant and Child CPR… “Baby, Baby, are you okay?!”

from there, we will be just weeks from the impending arrival and as prepared as we can possibly be.

i hope.


4 thoughts on “classy

  1. Hi Katie,
    My kiddos are 15,8,and 4. I’m still not prepared for parenting most days 🙂 Just when you think you have all figured out they change. But….each day is amazing! Just enjoy every second of it.

  2. Thanks Bilette! i am sure it will be quite the ride!

    love the pics you just posted on Facebook! Can’t believe Katrina is 15! that can’t be correct!?!?


  3. Brings back memories of the birthing class Pat and I went to. It was the night we learned the basic care of babies, bathing, etc. We had these little dolls to practice on. Well the instructor said, “OK ladies, pass those dolls over to your husbands and let’s have them practice diapering a baby, since we want them to have plenty of practice in that area.” All the men went to task… except for my Pat. He gave me this lost look and said, “Well isn’t she going to show us how first?” I tried to contain my laughter because the room was so quiet, but tears started streaming down my face. I’m not sure if they were tears from laughing, or maybe I was just crying because was worried what I got myself into having a baby with this man. But, thankfully, Pat is a quick learner and a fantastic daddy. Good times.

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