…I have to go potty.

yes, those seven sweet words are proclaimed quite often lately. to the point that i only have to say the first three to AJ and he knows to get out of my way!

i am amazed at the amount of water i crave, and the fact that i now know where to find just about every public bathroom in the great metropolis of Lincoln.

i can no longer just leave for an errand on a whim… i must make a pit stop first… just in case.

and the strangest thing – more times than not, i’ll be roughly 100 yards from a just used receptacle and feel the urge to go again…

this child must be using my bladder as a pillow… or a squeeze toy.

though, i am taking “baby steps” through this “process”, and am happy to say that last night, i didn’t have to get up once to use the bathroom!

Yea me! Yea Bumpit!