Hey Guess What…

…I have to go potty.

yes, those seven sweet words are proclaimed quite often lately. to the point that i only have to say the first three to AJ and he knows to get out of my way!

i am amazed at the amount of water i crave, and the fact that i now know where to find just about every public bathroom in the great metropolis of Lincoln.

i can no longer just leave for an errand on a whim… i must make a pit stop first… just in case.

and the strangest thing – more times than not, i’ll be roughly 100 yards from a just used receptacle and feel the urge to go again…

this child must be using my bladder as a pillow… or a squeeze toy.

though, i am taking “baby steps” through this “process”, and am happy to say that last night, i didn’t have to get up once to use the bathroom!

Yea me! Yea Bumpit!


One thought on “Hey Guess What…

  1. This is just the baby’s way of training you for when you need to find a place to change Bumpit!! It is also training for those toddler years when at a moment they need a restroom!

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