well, the latest thing that i can obsess over… the baby book.

we don’t have one yet. part of me feels like i am already late in the game. i guess i could be chronicling the whole darn pregnancy– but that’s what this Blog is for, right?

but i do want to take the baby book (whatever it may end up being) to the hospital to get those first foot prints…

so i googled “Baby Book’… do you even know how many options are out there? I didn’t like the one that was at my nearby Target… but sheesh… how’s a girl to decide.

and let’s be honest– i only just finished our Engagement scrapbook (3.5 years, people!)… do i really think i’ll keep up with a baby book?

anyone with suggestions on which ones are good? which contain the best information to follow?

do i really want to spent $50 or more on a baby book?

see… these are the things that really shouldn’t bug me… but they do.

oy vey!