i think i may have mentioned that i have been carrying around this book:
Baby Bargains, 8th Edition
thanks to Brooke’s suggestion.

and then this week, i found a major way to get all things baby at a “bargain”… use up the points you have accrued from your credit card!!!

i am sure you know the drill – spend money, earn points. Typically, it’s about one point for every dollar spent, but if you are lucky, you can sometimes get five points for every dollar spent on gas, or at a grocery store, etc…

sometimes i am amazed at how quickly the points add up.

and i must say, over the years i have cashed in for quite a few fun things – such as:
this purse:

and these golf clubs (Elk not included):

and a nice watch, and an awesome wagon for the Niece and Nephew, and plenty of Banana Republic gift cards!

well, in the recent months i have been saving up those points… not really sure what i wanted. and then i realized they had a whole BABY Section of items to choose. Jackpot!

so last week we registered at Target (!!!) and i got to check out a few things. then i came back to the internet, and started searching what was available with the points…

Get this – i was able to score the Carseat AND stroller combo PLUS the Play Yard! YEA!

The stroller arrived yesterday, and you know i was tearing into that box to set it up!!!


*it was AJ’s idea to add the Red Bull to show off the very fancy cup holder 😉

however, the moral of this story, once you really break it down, these FREE things probably ultimately cost $50,000!