for those of you following along at home, the fabric for the crib bedding has arrived!!!
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i am now fighting the urge to go home and just start sewing… no, must put in one productive work day first! 😉 … but, i think a lunchtime trip to Hobby Lobby is probably in the offing!

my spatial relation skills aren’t always top notch, but this really doesn’t appear to be six yards of fabric, does it? maybe it is… it had better be!

and i do hope my calculations are on point… eek!

i am definitely impressed with the hand-written note:
Dear KT~
Thank you for shopping
Quilt Home! I hope that you
enjoy your darling fabrics! Have
a wonderful time sewing! 😉

if you have some sewing or fabric needs- i highly recommend!!!

more pictures to come after the weekend with the progress!!!