kickin’ it up a notch

…i don’t know what got into me yesterday.

maybe it was the nice weather, with the impending threat of rain in the forecast?
maybe it was yummy, yet greasy lunch,
maybe it was in celebration of passing my test,
maybe it was just because the doggies needed a good romp,
maybe it was because i phoned it in at my preggo workout class, Monday night, and needed some redemption,
maybe it’s the great news that many friends are running the Lincoln Marathon (or 1/2), with the State Farm 5k prep run this weekend… and i am sad i cannot join in,
or maybe i am just a tidge nutty (you probably already knew that)…

but i somehow found it in me to JOG last night!

and let me tell you – it. felt. good.

in total, i think it was about 1.5 miles, so nothing earth shattering… but refreshing all the same.

and yes, later last night, i started to wonder if i had succeeded in scrambling The Bumpit…

i sure hope not.


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