easing the panic

you may recall my panic from awhile back… and all days since…

that darn, sweet, tiny nursery. how was i to outfit it?

i really love this bedding set:

but just couldn’t resign myself to make the mega down payment for the 4-piece set and all it’s coordinating cuteness… especially if i planned to ditch the bumper once The Bumpit starts to roll about…

so i searched, and i searched, and i searched… and then i searched some more… but still loved that Delilah from Cocalo Couture.

but alas… two friends sent me on search through this wonderful blog (thanks Nia & Andrea!) and then i found this post and my DIM (Do It My-own-self) instincts kicked in… and i was off….

i have always loved the Lotus collection from Amy Butler… (and in fact, have purchased a purse from etsy with some of the beautiful fabrics!) and my brain started turning and i realized, “I can do that!”

though, i will say- finding these fabrics in Lincoln was not meant to be.

but i finally found them online, and rush shipped them to myself right here in NE…. they should be here in time for a weekend of sewing fun!

all the more fun to find this post over at Young House Love…. so fun that they are expecting a babers too… 😉

yes, i can do this. and i will post pictures upon the completion… as long as it’s presentable.

or, i’ll just run out and buy that Delilah set and post pics of that! 🙂


4 thoughts on “easing the panic

  1. NO WAY…You know I was waiting for this moment when you said–nah-I’ll just Do-it-Myself!

    Super impressed,

  2. Just an FYI you can take left over squares and strips of fabric and use them to “upholster” a pre-made canvas -or- cut your edges with pinking shears and put the fresh cut squares into a frame and they make great (cheap) wall art that coordinates!!!!

  3. And another thing to “keep in mind”…as soon as Bumpit is ready to pull up, you’ll have to lower the mattress, and therefore, shorten the appearance of the bedskirt. You can probably just add velcro to another spot on the back and put the excess skirt under the mattress. (This is what I ended up doing with ours).

  4. No way is this the bedding you LOVE! This is what Lennon’s nursery is. I will have to post a picture of her room on our blog. We should really get together sometime, it sounds like we have a lot in common. Wish I could say that I had it in me to have made her bedding myself but I took the easy route and purchased it because I can’t sew a thing.

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