Glucose… FAIL

son of a….

yesterday seemed so good too.

AJ and i were having fun chatting in the waiting room, we did our usual witty banter with the nurse.

i was feeling great about this.

we wait our requisite time…

and then the Doc comes in with “that look”… I didn’t pass the Glucose Test.

so i asked what my score was.



(insert unhappy mama, here).

and that’s where the appointment took a turn.

from there, the Doc took the measurement then set up the Doppler to hear The Bumpit’s heart beat.

Another funny look, and “oops, i heard a few skips in there…”


so then we had the pleasure (?) of being hooked up to the fancy heart monitor for 20 minutes while i tried not to panic and AJ kept reading me the changing heart rates.





i start to think about what appointments i will need to cancel if she admits us to the hospital tonight…






apparently all was fine.

so i am trying to look on the bright side.
1) now i get to eat a candy bar for three days straight before the big, fat, fancy 3-hour glucose test.
2) we got to spend 20 uninterrupted minutes just listing to the Bumpit’s heart, breath, movements and kicks…

yea Bumpit!


2 thoughts on “Glucose… FAIL

  1. Really? They can’t like just bump you down one! Oh lord..Katie I’m going to be right there with you-I just know it. TALK about freaking out re: heartbeat. I’m so glad that everything is fine & that you got a chance to listen to the little one. But for petes sake!

  2. Oh shucks! My heart went out to you as I read this, it can be so agonizing. Based on the numbers, I’m guessing BOY for sure!

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