you would think, that being the current President of AAF Lincoln, that I would have some sort of design skill and sense… not exactly so.

when i see something i like, i know i like it. and if i think i can rip it off, i might try (oops!)… but when it comes to Photoshop and InDesign and layouts and artistic stuff, i’m out.

so, this is a PLEA out there to all my crafty, designy buddies (HINT! HINT!) i would LOVE something like this for The Bumpit, once we reveal the name, post birth. i’m just saying….

LOVE LOVE LOVE these (found here):

(nope, not the girl’s name chosen, just an example.)

(not the name this time around, though i do really like it!) (this is probably my favorite design here)

(not even close on the name, but the design is great!)