Nesting? Oh, I Got Your Nesting Right Here!

whew- so, Friday, i posted about my To Do list… And boy, did I get some thing Ta’Done!

not everything, as i am fully aware that my lists are usually quite ambitious… but i am pretty pumped at the progress thus far.

first things first – the food.
long ago, i googled “Macaroni Grill’s Penne Rustica” recipe, b/c The Becker’s love it so. and i found a downloadable PDF document with it and 100s of other recipes knocking off food faves. fast forward to Friday, and we finally tried it. I made the sauce, AJ cooked all the protein and carbs and assembled it.

in a word? YUMMO!

i am SO not one for leftovers, but i could keep eating and eating on this… and i have… though i keep in mind that this recipe is NOT in the low fat/low cal category. (YUM!)… here’s a pic i took the day AFTER, when i was ready to dive in for some lunch:
if you would like the recipe, leave a comment with your email here. i can also send you the whole PDF cookbook if you like.

i was also pumped to get in a good 3-mile walk with the pups… and they were oh-so-happy to be out and about. Saturday was gorgeous here. I think the weather gods heard my whining for the past three months and graced us with one 60-degree day. yesterday and today are back to cloudy – though the temps are nice… so i shan’t complain all that much, i do suppose.

Saturday afternoon, i did oh-so-much more of the sewing projects to which i had on the list. here’s evidence:
i used this tutorial to make them, and it’s the easiest, most fun and probably most rewarding thing i have sewn in awhile. All you chums with babers on the way- look out for these!

one of the best parts about Saturday? AJ came home from work, we heated up some more Penne Rustica (YUM YUM YUM!) and were in bed by 7:43pm. 😉

Sunday, oh, Sunday.

We took Grandpa to church (Mom and Dad are in Cabo, and it seemed like the right thing to do… glad we did!) and had breakfast with him afterward. For almost 91-years-old… he’s so sharp and so fun to be around. it was worth waking up early! (and who am i kidding? i got 10 hours of sleep prior to the alarm!)

the rest of the day was spent prepping The Bumpit’s future space. (NESTING NESTING NESTING!)

The Obligatory “Before” shots:



here’s Sweet Lucy “helping”

then we picked up the crib and dresser and grabbed our Allen Wrenches… (Thanks to Meghan and Eric for helping maneuver the items up the stairs and into the tiny room!)




okay- still slightly boring, but progress, indeed.

the debate remains – both on bedding and wall decor. do we leave it neutral and just go with it? do we paint and utilize Grandma Becker’s vast artistic skills? much of this also hinges on the whole bedding debate on-going in my head.

a good weekend, indeed.


One thought on “Nesting? Oh, I Got Your Nesting Right Here!

  1. Hey KT!

    The baby’s room is looking great! You’ll jazz it up in no time! I love the space! AND I would love the PDF of all those recipies! I am always looking for “American” recipies to cook!

    I’m sorry it has taken so long for me to get back to you on your last comment-to answer it briefly, we aren’t registered anywhere. We’re still trying to figure out what to do there. So much and so little time!

    Where is baby becker registered? I am so excited for you two! When you get a moment could you send me your home address?? Lots of hugs! XX

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