mama panic

i am just going to let you know that i am turning into a Crazy Lady trying to figure out crib bedding.

i found one set i like – but am not 100% sold on it, so i continue to look.

then, reading further in my Baby Bargains book, they strongly suggest you NOT even invest in the bumper pads. then it’s down to just piecing together sheets and accessories– should be easy, right? right.

not turning out to be true.


4 thoughts on “mama panic

  1. Now that you have your awesome new sewing machine you can make your own sheets and accessories!

  2. you might have to come to Lawrence and check out Sarah’s Fabrics….or check out their website
    There is sooooooooooo much to choose from. i’ve never bought anything there because i haven’t had a project but i just go in and daydream about stuff.

  3. I have some girl stuff if you’d like to borrow. Crib bumper, skirt, etc. We have some boy too, I think if you’d like to check it out. I’d love to give it to someone I know!

  4. Oh Katie, you need to get the sheets from Clouds and Stars or figure out a way to sew the zip-off ones with fabric you love. Changing sheets is a major pain!

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