SEW Exciting!

that’s right- i finally did my research, gathered the facts and then walked into a sewing shop and that is where i had my break down and decided to buy a new sewing machine. it could have been in any store, really… and i could have ended up with any machine. Sew Creative was the lucky store that won the machine lottery that day, folks. that’s the only way i know how to explain it.

you may recall this post, in which i couldn’t decide if it was worth the $125 to fix Dear Grandma’s machine. The Ladies at Joann’s Fabrics said that Singer’s are good, and better than most machines you buy today- so it’s probably worth the fix. A couple of the other stores i called agreed (I had no idea Lincoln had so many sewing machine stores! Yea Hand Made!).

So, as randomness would have it- i stop by a store on my lunch break, and the guy at the counter agrees – it will cost $125, but it’s probably better to do that, then buy something new and flimsy within that price range.

he leads me back to the main sewing machine fixer guy, who takes one look, says, that machine is worth $40 – but we take trades and let me show you what we have on sale.

30 minutes later, he is showing me the BMW of machines (half price, for me!) – all pretty and digital and does stuff i have never even dreamed of doing. my mind was racing. but i knew that i would never use all that stuff, and for the price, it just wasn’t worth it.

so i kindly tell him that the other model he showed me – non-digitized and $200 cheaper – is more my style. so he brings that one out, gives me some helpful hints and then i say, “Wrap it up, i’ll take it home.” (sorry Grandma!).

last night was the first night this week that i could get to some sewing…

this thing runs so smoothly. it’s easy to thread. i’m in heaven… and now wondering why i waited so long to upgrade.

the plan for this weekend is to get more done- b/c all of you girls out there that keep having babies- this girl has to keep up with her sewing!!!

and here, for your Lucy enjoyment, is a moment of zen:


One thought on “SEW Exciting!

  1. Thanks for the photography tip. I will try it next time. And to think I have been putting up with blurry action shots for years! No, we did not get to keep the outfit. She is Ok with it b/c pants are not really her thing! 🙂 Paula and I are all booked for D.C. this summer. Any chance you are going? I forget when you are due?

    So jealous you can sew!

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