sew sad

it’s a sad day in the Becker Household.

Disclaimer: this post is way too long. moral of the story- i need help finding a good, inexpensive sewing machine- discuss

Okay, i am sad. AJ’s probably happy b/c i finally cleaned up the weekend mess that was my sewing.

little does he know how sad he will be if i don’t somehow rectify the current problem – b/c i do believe he is not so much a fan of all my crafty stuff lying about in all the nooks and crannies… grrrr… (and little does he know that i, this girl, am not so much the fan of all of this meat smoking business that takes over the kitchen with not just animal fat and blood but the smell… oh, it does permeate. but i am sweet, and i allow it to go on… as, honestly, he does for my mountains of knitting and piles of fabric.)

and really, who am i kidding? i am not much of a sewer. i have been known to say one too many times, “I only do straight lines”… and i know that my dear, sweet, Grandma B is probably tossing and turning somewhere knowing that i don’t pay attention to proper tension, and Seam Allowance, what’s that?!

but it is because of my awesome Grandma B that i have this Singer machine. She gave it to me in the 90s when i expressed a modicum of sewing desire. honestly, i mostly made Scrunchies– and not very good ones, at that. (Pattern? Measurements? Proper finishing technique? what’s that?)

then, around my Sr. Year of high school, i found an easy-peasy pattern for a bandana quilt… which, i might add, i have slightly perfected over the years. you may recall this photo from recent past:
Sprint PictureMail

but the items at the top of my most recent list have been the baby-based items, like these:
and boy-oh-boy (and girl-oh-girl) do i have a LIST of these to make between now and July… 20 in fact!

This girl has got to get a’sewing!

well, last week you may recall that i posted this:
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I’ll admit – my unorthodox approach to seaming up two dog beds for the fifth time (each!) may or may not have led to my breaking a complete Singer Sewing Machine Needle… but i digress.

so, i sewed and sewed and sewed all weekend – i had promised my dear Domesti-PUPS friends that i would donate some sort of doggy toys for the I Love My Dog Expo at the end of this month (if you are in Lincoln on the 27- please come out and see us!!!)… and in my head, i had a way cool idea of sewing up some 6″x6″ scraps that Grandma B had left for me. I bought some squeakers from (the coolest online dog store– and if you are in Lincoln you can pick up your order directly from their warehouse and meet their sweet dogs! you may also read Darcy’s Blog here)… and well, the finished product wasn’t as fantastic — don’t be looking for them at your nearest PetSmart… but hopefully they help the cause.

this is getting way too long.

my point- i finished up the last of the 25 dog toys (to which, AJ took one look and said, in our house, those would be 47-second toys) and then got started on a baby tagger blanket.


try again.


investigate closer.

bobbin not moving at all.

play with gears.


worry that my fingers might get me into trouble once again, and then pack up the machine and prepare to head to Husker Sew & Vac the next business day.

i get there – the gentleman is kind enough to take a quick peek at the machine before i head off and leave it in his care. He said brightly, “Oh, it’s just a gear, and we have one of those in stock so we can fix it for you…”

Ah, Grandma B is smiling down on me!!!

and then he continues…”I’d say it would be about One Twenty-Five.”

now, ladies, i never said i was good with math, but i was surely hoping he meant that i could give him $2.00 and receive change back.

I asked, ‘One, HUNDRED and Twenty-Five?”

he said, “Yes, $125.00.”


I then said, (no exclaimed), “I can get one at Target for that!”

he laughed and said, “You can buy one here for that.”


i was in such shock and not at all prepared to pay that much money, that i just packed myself and my Singer up and left, saying i needed to “Think” about it.

so here i am, thinking.

and asking for help, advise, anything (if you have even made it this far in the post– and if so, God Bless You!)

i need some sort of machine to help me get through all the baby gifts and things i desire to make.

but i really don’t need to spend a fortune.

do i fix Grandma B’s machine (i tell you, she wrote 1983 on the bottom of it – i believe that’s the year of purchase. i was 3, FYI)? will it last me for much longer once i fix it?

do i find a new machine for the $125 (or lower?) price? and if so- which one???

again – i am not a major sewer – there are probably better machines out there that are lighter and easier to thread and navigate as a novice… but they won’t be Grandma’s machine…

uggh… what to do? what to do? if only i knew how to begin the web search process…………..


2 thoughts on “sew sad

  1. One of your local big box stores probably carries a “Brother” sewing machine. When I was in high school and expressed an interest in sewing, my father actually won a Brother sewing machine from Wal-Mart and it was my Christmas gift that year. I learned to sew a few things on that machine in high school and then when I started college I learned to quilt. That little Brother machine sewed quite a few baby quilts and burp cloths before I passed it on to my mother who learned to quilt on it and she loves to sew flannels and denims. When my mother decided she wanted some fancier stitches she went out and bought another Brother and passed the old one on to my sister in law who has learned to quilt with this machine. This machine is over 15 years old and has sewed probably a few hundred/thousand miles and it is still running, not bad for a machine that probably cost about 50 dollars. Before we were married my husband bought me a hundred dollar Brother, and I sewed many many miles on it before I decided to get all high tech and buy a 4500 super duper sewing machine, but tucked away in the closet it that trusty Brother because even after having all of the bells and whistles, I know I can trust my little Brother!

    —I just think it is totally funny to say my mother bought another Brother…

  2. My Mom has some kind of machine with a desk that it hides in! I can talk to my Mom and see if she wants to get rid of it! None of her daughters inherited any kind of craftiness gene, so it’s not like she’ll pass it on! Let me know and you can stop by to see it when you are over in the SouthPointe area!

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