Photo Fantastics!

in case you haven’t yet spent hours of your life drooling over Khara’s awesome photography skillz here, then i’ll give you a moment……………..

I LOVE THIS STUFF. but mostly, I love Khara! she’s just awesome, and exudes happiness, funkiness and all around fun!

so i was oh-so-pumped, last week, to receive an email in my Facebook inbox asking me to doll up myself, bring The Boy and prepare for a super fun, top-secret time! All she could say was that we should dress as if we were going to attend the swankiest Wedding Reception around.

She needed us from 7-9pm on a Tuesday evening. Aside from hindering our usual bedtime of late (ahem, 7:58 p.m.), we gussied ourselves up as best as one can at 22-weeks in utero (i.e. a well-placed cardigan can hide the fact that your dress doesn’t want to zip the last four inches!), and got our party faces on.

here are my most faves of the night:
Fist Pumpin’

The official naming of “The Bumpit”

Rock, Paper, Scissors: he beat me, Best 2 out of 3!

My Bestie!

yeah, that’s about right.

and here’s a link to the swanky slideshow of all the pics of some people you may or may not know!

Khara was kind enough to post these High Res images online for a brief moment for us to steal before she took them away again as to not give away her ultimate Top Secret plans for the whole escapade (i am very much awaiting the day she finally announces what all this is for)… but in the meantime, i am supremely happy to accept the fact that she gave us a FREE photo shoot for the night… and i have already told her that i will be in desperate need of fitting into her crazy shooting schedule at various times over the course of The Bumpit’s first year.



3 thoughts on “Photo Fantastics!

  1. oh man it looks like you had a blast!! Fun pics! Can’t wait to see what Khara has planned…that girl is always up to something! 🙂

  2. As I looked at these yesterday afternoon I thought that they were great and it looked like you all had so much fun. Then last night while checking my facebook, facebook suggested I add a fun girl, in a fun yellow dress named Katie… any idea who this might be??? What a small small world!

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