last week, i sent a brief email to AJ telling him that i did some web research and learned that Banana Republic’s Cordovan has similar notes to our beloved Abercrombie & Fitch Woods.

(oh, Woods, how I love thee… yet another reason why i fell for AJ back in ’05… the last drops are currently being hoarded in our home!)

he checked it out, and then called me, sheepishly, saying that he loved it, bought the big bottle, and i was off the hook for buying him a V-Day present (score for me!) and what did I want?

after thinking for about 9 seconds, i said, “Ooh, how about a Prenatal Massage!”

to which, he responded, “Pre Navel – what’s that?”… oy vey! i can only image what was circling through his brain.

but, through a nice chain of events, he has me set up, and now i am playing phone tag with the awesome Kirsten to schedule said appt.

i guess it’s okay that we pretty much told each other what we wanted for the holiday. historically, we aren’t big gifters thus far- and usually have a big trip or purchase coming up around gift-giving-events where we simply say, our gift is that…

but i’m a gift-giver. i like to think of something that someone might really enjoy and get it for them, and then see how much they like it when i give it to them. but, other times i simply stink at gifts and throw something together at the last minute and that ends up being pretty obvious to the receiver too.

for the first few gift-giving times in our relationship, AJ would tell me exactly what he wanted, but then i would get a different idea and stray far away from his suggestion. it took me a few times of seeing his disappointed face upon opening, and my subsequent disappointment that he didn’t like my creative gift, to learn that i should just get what he tells me to get.

in turn, i tried to hint around at what i kinda-sorta wanted him to get me those first few years, and ended up with either nothing, or something that resembled nowhere close to what i was hoping he would miraculously get because he “just knows me that well.”… yes, ladies, i learned that he is, for all intents and purposes, a BOY and just wants me to tell him what i want. plain and simple.

so, when i finally meet up with Kirsten – if she asks to see my belly button – i will know that once again, i was just not clear enough in asking for what i really wanted!


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