on The Belly…

Stomachs, Tummies, Bellies… they are just weird, if you ask me.

In High School, it was oh-so-cute to wear a cropped baby tee showing off your prepubescent navel. i was never the girl who was ever able to do that… not because of religion, mind you.

even as i got into my mid-20s and finally figured out how to get myself into a modicum of “shape”, the Central Region never found it’s way into being show-off-worthy.

i was always curious as to how the whole “Baby Bump” thing would transpire with my oddly-shaped midsection.

as i sit around the 21 to 22-week mark, i’ll admit, it’s just odd.

The baby sits low- my stomach sits high… and at this point, is protruding a bit further than Said Bebe.

which leads me to the question of, Why do random strangers feel the need to rub your baby bump? Okay, so i get it from distant relatives, and friends’ moms, and old co-workers. i have yet to actually have a stranger walk up to me in the grocery store and start molesting me… but i have heard it happens, and that’s why i keep my keys at the ready in case i have a jab-worthy moment.

the funniest (oddest) part (to me) is when people do think they are “patting the baby”… it’s really just massaging my lunch. No, that’s not the baby, that’s Jimmy John’s. but thanks!

however, as of yesterday afternoon – i am noticing that The Bean is turning more into a Bump. Stomach and all… A point, to which, i guess i must become accustomed as I still have just about 19 weeks to go, and i hear it’s only going to get bigger.

Thus, and therefore, from this point forward, “The Bean” shall now be referred to as “The Bumpit”


2 thoughts on “on The Belly…

  1. You just wait, a stranger will ask to touch the bump. It is very awkward and freaky. I had a lot of my patients’ mothers ask if they could touch since their bellies never got that big. I felt bad saying no after they said that but it was always a little weird. Plus I have major personal space issues!

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