The Boy Does Good

AJ did a good thing today.

He donated a pint of blood! I am so proud!

You may, or may not, know that i am BIG fan of donating blood. My Grandma B. was a major donor giving multiple gallons over her lifetime. My dad and I try to uphold her legacy through regular donations.

Of course, at this point in my baby-making life, I am exempt from donating. So i thought it was so sweet that AJ had made a super secret appointment for this afternoon. we were having lunch after teaching our weekly Junior Achievement class (which, is awesome, and if you have five weeks in your schedule to teach a class, i say, DO IT!), and he reminded me that he had his appointment, and he seemed nervous.

too cute.

i checked with him afterward, and he said everything went well, and he was “resting” at home with the pooches.

I still say- for a half hour of your time, and a pint of your blood, it’s well worth the effort because you get FREE COOKIES, and they tell you to take it easy for 24-hours, no heavy lifting and eat three square meals.

Done, Done and Done!

anyway- thinking about this more, it reminds me of a time, a few years ago, when AJ and I were engaged. I was giving blood on a friday afternoon, and i was in a extra-chatty mood.

I was talking with the girl that was taking my blood (most likely to divert my attention from actually thinking about what was being drawn from my body), and she mentioned that she was from AJ’s hometown. So of course i have to say, “Well, I am engaged to a guy from there”- and she immediately knew AJ and remembered him, and apparently, had quite the little crush on the lad (AJ being about 5 years older than she). For the rest of the blood draw, she went on and on and on… and kept looking at me like, “really? you and AJ? really?”

what, like he’s Super Man?

Okay, apparently, “back home”, he is.

I have to admit, it was kind of fun to realize (while enjoying the complimentary cookie, of course) that I had hooked myself quite the catch!

Happy Valentine’s Week, Dear Boy!


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