Funny Things Heard While Pregnant – #3

I am learning that sometimes people just don’t know what to say, or can’t help themselves from saying what they want to say… Thus continues a compendium of the funny/odd/weird/tasteless/forthright things people have said to me whilst in “the family way”.

Number 3:
after we heard the heartbeat, and knew that The Bean was actually in there (i am slightly superstitious, what can i say?), it was time to spread the word. I took the opportunity to tell the majority of my co-workers as we enjoyed a Thanksgiving pot-luck at the office the day before the holiday break. The response was great – everyone is so nice and sweet.

Later that day, a certain co-worker, that has made it clear that she prefers pets to children stopped by my office to offer another round of congrats… which was very nice… though, in her way, it could be taken differently, for sure. Instead of a typical salute, i hear, “Good Luck With That.”

Classic, if you ask me.


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