My Name is ‘No-No Bad Dog’, What’s Yours?

this weekend… i was taking it easy, catching up on a little DVR and the dogs decided to play a little game of Rough House.

they were nowhere near me, and i found a way to tune it out — apparently too well — suddenly Lucy was running from THOR and chose to run around the couch while he was in hot pursuit. when she got to me, she chose to use my right abdomen as a spring board to launch herself off the couch and onto THOR.


needless to say- i have a call into the Doc to see if we broke the baby.

~Freaked Out Mama


One thought on “My Name is ‘No-No Bad Dog’, What’s Yours?

  1. Similar story, I was playing tennis at 14 weeks and fell, but since I was a gymnast, really took a good roll and ended in a standing position. Needless to say there was lots of scrunching over and a jolt when one knee hit the floor, so I freaked. Proceeded to the nearest Motherhood Maternity store where I had seen the Bebe Sounds monitor that you can use to hear the heartbeat at home, retail price $24.99. It says right there on the box that it doesn’t work well until about 7 months pregnant, but I had to try. Pretty sure I heard a bunch of gas sounds, but it put my mind at ease for 4 days until my next appointment.

    From that day forward my husband and mother forbid me playing tennis.

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