Thanks to everyone for weighing in on the Great Debate.
Keep ’em coming!

As for how things are going inside the walls of the Becker Home:
AJ is just sure it’s a Girl – and he is terrified. He knows what teenage boys can be like – he was one, not so long ago – and he fears for his unborn daughter.

I am sure it’s going to be a Boy – b/c I’ve had the girl’s name securely decided for years… but not a single boy’s name is even piquing my interest…. zero. (okay, maybe there’s one, but i’m not telling)… so i joke that if it is a boy, it will come home with the girl’s name and that will be that!

so – at this point, if you have boy name ideas– real, silly, whatever… bring ’em on! we’re listening.

and you never know – we might use your suggestion!
KT, AJ and The Bean.