all in a name

Thanks to everyone for weighing in on the Great Debate.
Keep ’em coming!

As for how things are going inside the walls of the Becker Home:
AJ is just sure it’s a Girl – and he is terrified. He knows what teenage boys can be like – he was one, not so long ago – and he fears for his unborn daughter.

I am sure it’s going to be a Boy – b/c I’ve had the girl’s name securely decided for years… but not a single boy’s name is even piquing my interest…. zero. (okay, maybe there’s one, but i’m not telling)… so i joke that if it is a boy, it will come home with the girl’s name and that will be that!

so – at this point, if you have boy name ideas– real, silly, whatever… bring ’em on! we’re listening.

and you never know – we might use your suggestion!
KT, AJ and The Bean.


6 thoughts on “all in a name

  1. Hmm names for a boy…I also have tons of girls names picked out but boys names are always harder. Right now I have:
    2.A J (initials like dad, different names?)
    4.Talin (Katie, Alan and Talin!)

    Good luck you two!

  2. It is always fun to think about names. Just keep in mind the middle name so they all 3 flow together good. Are there any family names you like?

    Here are some of my faves that might work with Becker..
    4.) Branson

    or since Becker is a German name you could go with Johan, Heinrick, or Klaus! 🙂 J/K


  3. I’ve always liked Sam but not too fond of Samuel! I like simpler names myself! Andrew and call him Drew! Jack? Jack Becker, that’s a good man Becker name!

  4. Beckers!!!!
    I had a fellow teacher recommend that whenever it was name picking time, go through a list and cross out the name of any student I ever had…. anywho, if you ever do something like that, you find some interesting names… just for you, here are some I found:
    … anywho, you get the idea. Any piquing yet???

  5. Just make sure it’s something that sounds right when you are yelling it. Trust me on this one!

    I always liked Aaron and Joshua for boys. Allison (Allie) for a girl made our short list.

    Sophie didn’t get her name, though, till about 30 minutes after she was born. So no rush!

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