i thought this was only supposed to happen in the 1st trimester

okay ladies… as of 7:15 am (C.T.) i no longer have the joy of saying i never got sick while pregnant.


yesterday morning, i was out of milk, so no typical cereal (cornflakes with chocolate syrup, if you’re wondering), but mom was so kind to give me half a loaf of my fave cranberry bread she makes… so i was noshing on that… it didn’t seem quite right.

i went to sit on the couch.

lucy followed me.

lucy nose in face.

nausea dissipates.

move on with daily routine.

then this morning. i was up a bit earlier to catch my meeting at the Embassy Suites – with their famous breakfast buffet included (SCORE). so i just had a banana. i had just turned yellow – just how i like it – crunchy.

then i went upstairs to dress for the day… and there’s the nausea again.

i tried to lay down on the bed… but i was right back up and to the bathroom – hoping that just looking into the “bowl” would change my mind.




and sweet lucy was right there trying to give me support the whole time.

if she could have held back my hair, i am sure she would have.

so here’s to week 18, baby becker. bring it on!


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