on maternity pants

seriously, where have these been all my life and why doesn’t the whole world wear them?

okay, yeah, i understand that the US, specifically, is going through an obesity pandemic, and wearing stretchy pants has usually a big no-no in my book because they deceive you into believing that your waistline is not, in fact, expanding, when, in fact, it probably is…. it’s all in the delusional nature of that stretchy stuff.

but wow.

1) for years i have had the underlying fear that i would walk around with my fly open. i have created a not-so-scientific habit of discretely checking said fly every time i walk out of a water closet facility. Maternity Pants don’t have flies – SCORE!

2) i was trying to stay in my “regular” jeans for so long that i was finally to the point of unbuttoning the top button and attempting to go along with my daily routine. Maternity Pants don’t have buttons – SCORE!

3) wearing said jeans were leaning on the not-so-comfort scale. Maternity Pants are, if anything, comfortable (stylish? well, that’s a discussion for a future post) – SCORE.

4) The Bean seems a little more at ease and not so squished in denim, zips, snaps, buttons and straps. SCORE!

for further amusement – here’s one of my favorite :20 clips from my fave show (and for this purpose, Brad Pitt is just an added bonus):


2 thoughts on “on maternity pants

  1. um yeah, i’m glad i’m not the only one who thought the same thing!

    the bummer part comes when after your little bean arrives and you get to put on your NON-stretchy pants and you are feeling oh-so-good about yourself because you lost that baby weight soooo quickly- and suddenly you have to pee and it’s kinda an emergency because, well you’ll see- and you run to the bathroom and yank your pants and realize they are buttoned around your waist and you just can’t yank them down any more and RATS why can’t we just wear maternity pants all the time! 🙂

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