I forgot I even had muscles there!

Monday, i am proud to announce, i attended my first Pregnancy Fitness Class sponsored by one of the area hospitals.

boy what this just what This Girl needed!

in the past 17 weeks i have sure thought about doing some sort of exercise, and even dusted off (literally) the wii fit for a solitary 30-minute step session last saturday… but other than that, that’s about it. with all this snow, it’s not like i am all that excited to take the dogs on a trudge through thigh-deep drifts (poor pooches, they are feeling the effects of the cabin fever!), though we did fix the treadmill… so one day i might also remove the blankets piled upon it and use it as well.

but now, for the next six weeks, i’ll have a reason to put on my yoga pants and hit the gym each monday night.

it might not be pretty (envision a room of bouncing ladies at various stages along… if you catch my drift), but it’s good to be out there.

and now, i can feel it… whew, can i feel it! 😉


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