Conversations with Dogs

so, while we were out of town, we were oh-so-fortunate that AJ’s parent’s agreed to take the pups… this, of course, was a big request, because the last time we did this to them, we almost put his parents in a tailspin when the pups ran away while we were in Cabo in 2008.

don’t worry, we don’t blame them… the same thing happened five months later when we were back for Independence Day ’08 and AJ let them out and they were off again… what can i say.

either way… not only were we so glad to be home, you could just tell the pups were so happy to have us back. I swear that Lucy kept looking at me as if she just couldn’t believe it was really me.

so, on the drive home from Hastings to Lincoln, AJ and I were laughing about what conversations the pups were having while we were gone:

LUCY: “oh Thor, where did they go? why did they leave us with these little dogs inside and all those smelly big dogs (cows) outside?”
THOR: “Lu, get it through your head that they are gone. This is our home now. We have to learn to accept it.”
LUCY: “i just won’t believe it. they have to come back.”
THOR: “when will you ever learn, little one? listen to me, i am an old man and i know the ways of the world. they said their goodbyes. Just be happy this place is warm and they keep feeding us food.”
LUCY: “nope. i’m not going to eat until they get back.” (and she didn’t)
THOR: “go ahead and starve. that’s not going to bring them back any faster. I’m going to go snuggle up to that tall one and make the best of this situation.”

once we were back, you could just tell that Lucy kept looking at THOR saying, “See, I told you they’d come back for us!”

i wonder if she was sitting by the window singing “Tomorrow” and “Maybe” from Annie!


One thought on “Conversations with Dogs

  1. hahaha…that’s awesome! Lance and I do the same thing with our cats…super lame…we actually have had full conversations to each other using our cat voices…because obviously they are way different than human voices. (wow maybe I shouldn’t be admitting this…)

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