The Floating Bean

we got to hear the heartbeat again last week. okay, I did… AJ wasn’t quite to the Doc’s Office yet… but it’s probably the coolest sound ever heard.

Then we made the appointment for next month, where we will have our first ultrasound and have the opportunity to find out the sex of The Bean… which we have decided we do not want to do… sorry to your Type A people out there. Even the Doc seemed disappointed. oh well, she’ll get over it.

Anywho- they hand me a slip of paper to remind me that before the ultrasound, i need to drink 42 oz. of water immediately before the appointment thus to have a very full bladder for it to work optimally.

um, hello – i know you try to tell this to every pregnant lady that comes through your doors, but do you understand what you are asking me to do? you want me to guzzle liquid, drive across town to you office, presumably wait an unknown, yet ungodly, amount of time in your soothing waiting room, then take me back for an ultrasound, where you will place the, most likely cold, goo on me… probably only making it that much harder to hold back the urge, and you expect me not to let loose right there all over the place?

oh dear, something to look forward to, indeed.


3 thoughts on “The Floating Bean

  1. good for you katie! there are so few surprises in life- let your sweet baby’s gender be one of them! i can’t wait to hear about your ultrasound 🙂

  2. I drank mine on the way and while waiting, thus allowing time for my body to process before the big moment. And if it gives you any relief, I was able to go after about 5 minutes of measuring, as they did some work with the bladder full, then empty. Then I went again. And again ;o)

  3. 2 points of advice:
    1 – I received no such instruction and had fabu sonos every time. Don’t stress yourself (or your bladder) about it. A Coke before might make your bean nice and jumpy though. 🙂
    2 – Remind the sono tech and dr again that you don’t want to know the gender. They sometimes forget…


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