Early Chronicles of The Bean

in case you are wondering what is “new” in our neck of the woods… a whole freaking lot!

  • Day 1 – well, i consider it Day 1, because i am one hour late, and i just know, for some reason.
  • Day 3 – AJ and I have lunch together, and I decide to just come out and tell him that just maybe… this could be it! i am shocked and encouraged by his immediate excitement.
  • Day 7 – go to Walgreens and buy a test. wait an hour until I finally get up the nerve to do it. freaked out by placing dirty test on counter so i clean it off with a clorox wipe, and then the display goes away. faulty (or was it me?). consider calling the 800-number to complain, but then realize, i don’t want to be “that girl”, plus i have another test… but just can’t try again now.
  • Day 8 – decide to try second test while AJ showers for work. Box says will take 3-minutes to display, but in some cases can take less that 3 minutes. in 30-seconds I am knocking on shower door to show AJ the Positive Result!
  • Later that day i stumble through the baby section at Von Maur and begin to think, “What the hell have we done?”
  • Later that night we go to Omaha to meet friends for dinner. When I order a Diet Coke, they ask why I am not drinking and I say, “I lost the coin toss!”… they all think i am quite a responsible Designated Driver!
  • Day 9 – we meet up with my parents for a friends wedding reception brunch. i hope that no one notices that i am not downing the mimosas as i would typically do. so hard not to say anything to my Mom!
  • Day 10 – call OB and she says, “oh honey, if that test was positive, you’re pregnant. enjoy it!” make appointment for 9-11 week range where we should hear heartbeat. she says I am at five weeks.
  • Day 11 – decide i can’t wait and want to tell the family – so invite them to dinner for the following night. Try to work with AJ on organizing and cleaning messy house when i have my first meltdown, prompting AJ to ask, “Are you moody because you’re pregnant, or do think that being pregnant allows you a free chance at being moody?” – frankly, i don’t know.
  • also purchased “What to Expect When You’re Expecting“. still haven’t started reading it, but just owning it makes me feel more informed
  • Day 12 – Family comes over for a nice night. I have decided that it is too early and we shouldn’t tell them yet. Halfway through the night, AJ says, “Oh, let’s tell them!” i ask my 3-year-old niece to tell the whole group, “I am going to be a cousin” to which she decides to be shy, for the first time in her life. So instead i give my parents a package with a “Grandparent’s” picture frame and a note saying – Arriving June, 2010. Mom cries. Dad and Brother both say, “I knew it!”
  • Later my niece follows me into the guest room, where the door was intentionally closed to hide the mess, and i say, “Sorry, sweetie, it’s a bit messy in here.” to which she walks out to everyone and says, “Wow, Aunt KT’s room sure is messy!”… so NOW she decides to be the group spokesperson! 😉
  • we tell my family that we are only telling them and AJ’s parents and sister at this point – but won’t tell everyone else for a few more weeks. Everyone agrees that is a good idea.
  • Day 13– My brother calls me and says my Niece woke up saying, “KT & AJ are having a baby!” now my niece can’t be around any family members until we announce the news for good!
  • nausea has definintely started today. if i keep eating it subsides. i’ll be the size of a house before this is over.
  • Day 14– Another call this morning that my Niece announced to her day-care friends, “Listen up everyone, KT & AJ are having a baby!”… she can now no longer go out in public — or i need to change my plan!
  • also tried taking Ginger Root Extract pills to ward off nausea. not working so far, and just taking them may lead to more nausea. this plan may not last.
  • Day 16 – had a chance to meet up with AJ’s parents and share the news! so exciting to see how excited they are!
  • Day 19 – dull, persistent nausea continues
  • Day 20 – the amount of sleep i get is directly proportional to the amount of nausea i experience the following day. shoulda, woulda, wish i coulda slept more/better last night… uggh
  • Day 21 – baby’s first concert– Kelly Clarkson at Pershing
  • Day 22 – Happy Halloween!
  • Day 28 – Good Friends in town for the weekend and the NU vs OU game. I am surprised that no one has yet asked why I am not drinking… but my “sober driver” defense and “subway diet” must really keep them off the scent!
  • Day 30 – solid dinner. 1/2 a can of progresso soup that’s almost free on the Weight Watchers points scale. followed by 16-oz butterfinger blizzard!
  • Day 31 – i have eaten all day long. cornflakes and milk for breakfast, orange juice on the way to work, 30 carrots, 25 gigantic grapes, 15 triscuits and one string cheese before lunch. oy! but, it keeps the nausea down.
  • Day 32 – i don’t think my pants will fit much longer. oy vey!
  • Day 39 – Sister-In-Law lends me “Belly Laughs” by Jenny McCarthy. Loving it!
  • Day 40 – feeling good this morning – that worries me more than anything.
  • Day 41 – at this point, i think i have about seven outfits that i feel comfortable wearing in public. seven outfits. seven days in the week. one poor memory… i am guessing i may have duplicated an outfit our two during a work-week, unknowingly.
  • Day 42 – caught sight of my rear in a window reflection while walking around downtown at lunch. Baby Got Back!
  • Day 47 – First OB Appt… nervous until we heard the most awesome sound ever- the heartbeat! 160 bpm!
  • Day 50 – Happy Thanksgiving! broke the news to the extended family members… Lots to be Thankful For!!!
  • Day 57 – slipped the word to a few friends at lunch, and this is what you get!
  • Day 58 – and more facebook love
  • Day 63 – had to pull out the carrots at 8:20am, going to be a long, hungry, nauseous day.
  • Day 65 – mailed out xmas cards – the word is out!
  • Day 72 – officially Week 14 – The Bean is a size of a lemon, or a fist… and this marks the start to the 2nd trimester, or so they tell me

4 thoughts on “Early Chronicles of The Bean

  1. Hey KT! I have an entire Word document of tips, but after reading this – you need to try Preggie Pops if you’re still nauseous, and the BEST book ever is The Pregnancy Bible. I’d borrow it to you, but another friend is using it. I found What to Expect to be full of everything that might be going wrong, and my midwife suggested the other. Lots of pictures!

    Enjoy being pregnant and SLEEEEEEPPPPP!!! Everyone tells you your life will change, but you can’t even imagine how good it will get!

  2. Katie!!!

    With the hectic new job, I haven’t had much time to stalk your blog lately…. and WOW! I’m SO EXCITED for you and Allen! I wish we were able to go to Phoenix for the game and I could congratulate you in person, but for now, YAY!

    (this is a lot of exclamation for one reply)

    Have fun with everyone this weekend, and congrats again!

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