Thor’s Banana Habit

i swear – this dog is trying to tell me something.

you may recall the previous Banana Post and photo.

last night, i came home from the store with a bunch of big, beautiful, bananas.

Thor thought Christmas had come early at the Becker Household.

I had to place them (hopefully) far out of his reach.

this morning, i took one of the bananas and placed it by my purse, in plan to take it to work with me as a mid-morning snack.

I put Lucy in her kennel, and then came back to find said banana on the floor, slightly slobbered on. (envision: sheepish looking THOR)

Silly THOR!


One thought on “Thor’s Banana Habit

  1. How amazing that you found my blog!!! I am loving crochet more than knitting if thats possible and I am getting very good at the single crochet!! LOL… 🙂 How are you and How’ve you been. Do you still live around here?

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