Fun Times with Good Friends

this weekend marked the highly anticipated (yet, mildly underwhelming) match-up between two Long-Standing Rivals, The Huskers versus The Sooners.

For years, we have had a standing agreement with our friends, Stephanie and Blair for this game.

A great time was had by all, and we were very impressed by how good of sports they were after the heart wrenching loss.

Blair put it best, “I am sad that my team did poorly, but i had so much fun, i’m already planning my trip back in four years!”

Blair’s pants were a hit the whole day!

me and Miss Stephanie. We need to hang out! 😉

(ahem… GO FROGS! #4 in the BCS!)

2 thoughts on “Fun Times with Good Friends

  1. I heard the crowd was NUTS at the game…must have been awesome to be there!!
    oh and don’t hate me…but gotta cheer for my Utes this weekend 🙂

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