lost episode: old birds do fly

this morning, as i was driving 25 in a 35 MPH zone, whilst being passed on the right-hand side, i was reminded that once again, i was driving like a Granny.

I don’t know where this trait has sprung. Those of you that remember me from my college days know i could maneuver my blue sunfire in and out and around traffic at quite a clip.

but times change, as do my priorities. plus, i think part of it is my crazy zeal to be “green” and try to suck the most gas mileage out of my huge SUV… so i lay off the gas, and i coast when i can… apparently to the chagrin of my fellow travelers.

you may recall this post where i was passed by a Saturn Vue and ultimately flipped off… (solid)… well, here’s another story for you – a Lost Episode of Fun Times With The Beckers, if you will.

I was too embarrassed to even mention this to AJ – but then, felt that i really could confide in him one lonely day. after telling this story, he said, “Oh, you HAVE to post that on the blog!”… so here it is, friends… enjoy.

29-year-old Granny Behind The Wheel
i believe it was the second Husker football game of the season, and it was an early game. i was driving to my parent’s so that we could all carpool to the tailgate. it was early. i still had sleep in my eyes and a coffee mug in my hands.

i was, most likely, slightly day dreaming about something or other as i drove along 66th street toward O. i could see that the light up ahead (maybe 300 yards) was red, so why gun it to get there and sit and wait anyway… coasting along.

then i notice an older gentleman (imagine 80) in a white Buick behind me… closely behind me.

he seems frustrated.

so i give it a little gas…

we both make it subsequently to the light… still red… and wait.

once it is green, i proceed through the intersection, and the 1/10th of a mile to the stop sign. as does he.

i stop.

he honks.

i think, “did he really just honk at me?”

i turn left.

he turns left.

i follow the curve to the right.

of course, he must as well.

i continue forward,

he turns left.

but before he does so– he flashes me a very deliberate, if not slightly shaky, middle finger and a nasty scowl.


i coasted the rest of the way to my parent’s house in shock.

i guess the reason they post minimum speed limits are for people like me.


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