One, Two, Free Thor!

So, back at this post i mentioned that there is a good story that goes along with THOR’s Halloween Costume for this year. Now is as good of a time as any to explain.

Note: THOR was AJ’s dog well before I came into the picture. And in his first three year of life, he lived in a nicely sized fenced outdoor kennel, or dog run, if you will. (i know, poor puppy!)…

well, i am sure you can’t blame him for wanting to be out of his cage to be with people and see what it out on the other side of the chain link.

so, apparently, as the story has been told to me, THOR found a way out. i am sure his first thought was, “I’m Free!” and maybe his second thought was, “Squirrel!”

well, for whatever reason along a series of events, THOR did not come home.

AJ was distraught (as i am told) and did all he could to find his precious outdoor-living pup. Various calls were made to the local shelter providing a great description of a “Copper Colored Vizsla-Lab Mix”… “nope, we don’t have anything that matches that description….” was the consistent answer.


then, coincidence of all coincidences, AJ’s sister had a whim to go look at the puppies and kitties at the shelter. as she walked down the dog aisle, she sees a copper-colored dog start bouncing vertically as if spring-loaded.

“Thor?” she asked, and he jumped higher, if that’s even possible.

he was there all along. uggh!

So, AJ propelled himself across town to rescue his pooch.

When he arrived, they kindly handed him the bill for boarding and feeding for four days, plus the cost of the requisite microchipping and …er… mandatory alteration, if you know what i mean.

Outraged at the cost to rescue a dog that they repeatedly said they didn’t have in residence, AJ was rightly miffed.

Then the volunteer at the counter flagged AJ over and said… “Yes, sir, this is the cost to reacquire the dog you lost, THOR. however, if you would like to adopt “Sparky” (the name the shelter had given him), he’s yours for $89. I am sure he would be happy in your new home, and he’s microchipped and neutered….”

AJ said, “Sold! Sparky, let’s go!”

so, that’s the story of how AJ had to readopt his own dog, and why it is so fitting for THOR to be dressed as an escapee for Halloween!!!

after i was told this story, I asked AJ if he picketed outside the shelter chanting, “One, Two, FREE THOR!”… and that’s where our beloved has gained the nickname Forty!


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