On Halloween Candy

last week, AJ was at the store, and was sweet enough to call and ask if there was anything else i needed before he checked out. I suggested he pick up one bag of Halloween candy.

if I were at the store, I would have just grabbed one, agonizing over the various brands of yumminess, but still just selecting a single bag.

I came home to find the counter full of seven different bags of candy- all different and all awesome. YIPPEE!!!

yea for dudes doing the shopping!


2 thoughts on “On Halloween Candy

  1. Oh, that is so sweet! In my house it would have been the reverse, I would have brought home bags of yummies and hubby would have bought the first one he came to.

  2. How awesome! I miss Halloween candy so much! Espcially Reeses Peanut Butter Cups! They don’t exist here!!!

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