The Great Lu-Dini

THE SCENE: 5:29 am – i hear a slight rustle in the hallway, then the faint sound of a zipper opening… a few seconds of quiet and then the ambush as Lucy jumps on the bed and snuggles right in between us providing sloppy kisses and wriggling around until she is comfortable.

i am exhausted, and she is sweet and cozily warm… but no, this goes against the new rule: the dogs must sleep in their kennels at night.

so i get up, let her out and tell her to go back into her kennel, which she does, kindly.

i zip it up and try to secure it as best as i can, and go back to bed.

18 minutes later… repeat performance.

this time, i get right up and say “Kennel” and once again, she walks right in. i zip again.

16 minutes later… i hear the rustle, and wait for the pounce onto the bed, but nothing… so i get up, turn on the light, and she’s slowly slinking into the room hoping to make it this time.


“Kennel”… and, as the good girl that she is, heads right back into her red travel kennel.

this time i place the zippers together at the bottom– seems to have foiled her attempts…. for now.

But, as anyone knows, once you have been awakened just shy of one hour from when your alarm is scheduled to chime, there’s really no going back to sleep.

you lay there, you change positions a few times, you try to count to 100 – or as i did, trace the lower-case alphabet in cursive, backwards.

and then, just as you are drifting off… The Alarm dings, and it’s time to free Lucy for real.

Silly Woosey!!!


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