Howl-O-Ween fun!

at the risk of this becoming a Dog Blog (okay, really? who am i kidding, that’s what this has turned into, but still…) i have to show off the cuteness found at the local Super Target (oh! how i love thee):



Lucy’s Rockstar Wig from last year

and of course, THOR’s mullet wig from last year.

HA! Cracks me up.
I am not usually known to dress my dogs in clothing – they are DOGS for goodness sake… but Halloween is a totally different thing. HA!!!
(it always reminds me of the Friends Episode: “What is Monica’s biggest pet peeve?” – “Animals Dressed as Humans!”)

we all know Lucy-Cakes has a Devilish Diva streak… but i’ll save the THOR-as-Prisoner story for another post!


2 thoughts on “Howl-O-Ween fun!

  1. I like the puppy posts and this is “fun times with the Becker’s” aren’t the puppies Beckers too?

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