Calling All Bargain-Loving Fashionistas

if there is one thing i love almost as much as Cheetos, it’s a sale – on anything!

about a year ago, my very fashion forward cousin sent me a link for, a place close enough to Heaven, where they place designer clothing closeouts online for roughly 48-hours. the site is by invite only, but right now, dear friends, i have the link to get you IN and get you an automatic $10 OFF your first purchase!!!

*** GO HERE to take advantage of this!!! ***

you might recall my post Want vs Need Featuring One Kings Lane… this is the same kind of thing, but OKL is home goods and RueLaLa is clothing, for the most part.

Both sites will send you an email each work day around 10am (C.T.), and it’s always my little “coffee break” if you will!!!

ENJOY – and feel free to comment on any awesome finds you may find!!!

now, where did i put those cheetos?


2 thoughts on “Calling All Bargain-Loving Fashionistas

  1. eating lunch on a friday = I signed up…
    here’s the first thing I noticed…whoever the guy is modeling for Forte has some serious eyebrows…I keep trying to look at the clothes but I can’t get over his weird faces and huge eyebrows…I mean who is gonna buy the ‘cashmere toffee half-zip sweater’ off that guy??
    anyways…here’s to spending money I shouldn’t be 🙂

  2. THANK YOU DEAR KT! I love it! I just logged in and it’s fantastic! Especially since I have the euros!

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