Caffeine Awareness

oh, i am aware of the effects of caffeine.

after last night, i am plainly aware.

i have been attempting to be a “good girl” and limit my intake of the legal drug. with one cup of coffee to start the day, and Goodness knows how many diet cokes This Girl might ingest (especially if i grab a 32oz refillable cup when out to lunch…)… the possibilities are endless.

so, i bought myself some decaf coffee and have been making it in my fancy one-cup French Press (which i purchased at World Market before they left the Omaha area last spring)… and that has been working out pretty well.

then yesterday, i had lunch with a good friend at Panera, where they offer caffeine-free Diet Pepsi – score!

guess who was sound asleep on the couch at 8:47pm last night? Yep, This Girl! Such a deep sleep, i found, that i couldn’t quite place the blame. i even asked AJ if he thought we had Carbon Monoxide Poisoning… seriously.

but then, on the drive to work, as i was already contemplating my coffee, i realized the complete lack of caffeination in the 24-hours since and there rung the proverbial bell. DING.

funny that i then learned that October is National Caffeine Addiction Awareness Month.


PS – so, that diet Mountain Dew at lunch just might put me over the edge… i can’t wait!

PPS – in the wake of this epiphany – how about finding out that Starbucks is launching this tomorrow! oy vey!


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