brace yourself for what i am about to say:

my parents got a dog.


i know.

i was shocked too!

it all started as a silly suggestion from my brother, two weeks ago, when he was perusing Facebook and saw a posting from (my new fave doggie group) Domesi-Pups stating: 6 yr old, Blue Merle, Rough-Coated Collie; Retired Therapy Dog; For more info, email

The Bro sent the link to my dad saying, “well, if you ever wanted a dog, this is probably your perfect option. 6-years-old, so no ‘puppy stage’, Domesti-Pups trained and sweet… what more could you ask?”

well, we had a collie growing up, she was so sweet (we had the same birthday!) and she lived for almost 13 years. it has now been 13 years since my parents have had a dog.

i never.


never, thought they would get a dog.

and i have heard plenty of times that AJ and I have two too many dogs. (to which, i do not agree)…

but sweet Neil, the retired therapy dog has found a way into their hearts, and i am excited for that.

Neil came home last night, and of course we stopped by with goodies. he’s the most docile dog i have ever met — hopefully Lucy and THOR can take some pointers from his demeanor!

oh, fun times for sure!!