Blog Love

one of the fun things about blogging is the network you create between other bloggers. you read their posts, they may read yours, and occasionally, you can form connections you would never have made in the “real world”.

take, for example, the following scenario:
About two years ago, a friend of a friend had posted an awesome engagement photo as her facebook profile photo. i noticed that the fabulous black and white photo was tagged with a hot pink “KaBloom” banner… so, naturally, i clicked around on the ‘net until i found KaBloom. I was oh-so-shocked to see that it was an old classmate – Khara. This girl befriended me at the Eastridge Pool, when i was the new kid from Denver. Then, in High School, she was kind enough to encourage my lack of dancing abilities when i mistakenly tried out for the Apollonaires dance team… and here she was, with all this photographic gorgeousness.

i immediately bookmarked her blog and followed it regularly, kicking myself that i didn’t know about her talents when i was searching for a wedding photographer (though we LOVED Erin Stoll, for sure!), and making a mental note to try and secure her for a date sometime in the distant future when the pitter patter of little feet are in need pictorial documentation.

anyway– about a year ago, Khara blogged that she made plans to photograph the upcoming engagement and wedding of a certain Stephanie, and Khara mentioned that Stephanie had a blog of her own… thus, i checked it out, post haste.

well, wasn’t i surprised to learn that Stephanie was a knitter (me too!) and a runner (i wish i still was!) and was going through the wedding planning process (of which, i loved!)… and apparently, securing Khara was the first thing she checked off her list (smart move, chica!)

so, Stephanie’s blog was placed right under Khara’s on my google reader… and i have loved it since.

being the dorky dork that i am, i chose to comment on a few items of Stephanie’s, and then she found THIS blog monstrosity, and was kind enough to comment, and a fun bloggie friendship has commenced!

SO… here we are today, where i did a little happy dance when i learned (via google reader) that Khara has posted Stephanie & Lance’s Engagement Photos… i’ll let you take a moment to browse.

i know.

aren’t they gorgeous?

love them! and i am so excited for Stephanie (and Lance, too, of course!)…

i just had to share. yea for Blog Fun!


3 thoughts on “Blog Love

  1. AWWWWWWWW…KT you’re so awesome you don’t even know it!! I was JUST thinking the other day how I love having blog friends…and I’m so glad you found me via Khara…b/c I get to send you crazy long emails about DJs and other random wedding stuff…haha!! We should seriously meet up next time I’m in town…and talk in “real life” instead of via the internets!! GIANT blog hug to you 🙂

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