want vs. need

awhile back, a friend turned me on to www.OneKingsLane.com, a designer discount/closeout site for homegoods.


and… it’s quite dangerous.

take for example, today’s sale featuring items from Working Class Studio.

i WANT it… but i know i don’t NEED it, so thus, i must resist. bugger!

I need it, and i do

I know these would be lovely in my home

Hello! Brown & Blue- This Girl’s constant motif!

my fridge is Screaming for these!

man!! the prices are so good too– it’s like i could try to justify them, just maybe… but not really.

i know i will be oh-so-sad when they are stamped “sold out”… but my current Hoarding Practices are catching up with me, so alas, i will continue to resist.

but if YOU would like to get in on the One Kings Lane fun- just let me know – i can hook you up with the invitation code!
Happy Shopping!


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