in training

imagine getting yourself a personal trainer and then not going to the gym for three months. essentially, that is what i did with my new (old) wii activity game, “EA Sports Active” (you may recall that i mentioned it on my bday, here).

well, last night, (after a nice jog with the pooches) i decided that enough was enough (and when i say enough, i mean Funnel Cakes and Cheese on a Stick at the NE State Fair!) and i set up the EA Sports Active and started the 20+ minute easy workout.


this (animated) girl is cheery, encouraging and great! and the activities are fun, and focus on strength training and toning – and goodness knows This Girl needs all sorts of that!… so, the habit begins- i hope. i hope to be good enough to keep a steady, solid pace with this “game”.

and i apologize to my new trainer- sorry to keep you in the box, on top of Lucy’s crate for three months. please don’t hold it against me while you make me do an extra set of squats!

further to that– the night was good.

here’s Miss Lucy enjoying a snack while being a good political citizen:

and we did “good things” – i met AJ at La Paz (my fave) for dinner after he was done at work – last night was “Dine Out to Help Out” for the Lincoln Food Bank – so a portion of our meal (money, not actual food) was donated to a worthy cause. yea for doing good things…

though, all the chips and salsa i inhaled probably erased all the good i did working out…

shhh! don’t tell my trainer!


One thought on “in training

  1. The one thing I don’t like about EA Sports is that the controls can get a little wacky and it thinks you’ve moved when you haven’t. Then the trainer gets a little mouthy. “I need to see a little bit more effort from you,” she says. And I then I say, “Shut your pie hole!” 😉

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